2022 New Year’s Resolutions

I know they’re falling out of fashion, but I love New Year’s resolutions.

One of the first posts I did for Vocabbett was actually my 2020 resolutions (back on the old Wix site — it didn’t make the transfer). That year, my goals were very Vocabbett-oriented. Without wishing to sound immodest, I think I accomplished them! I busted my butt in 2020, promoting Ahead of Her Time at schools, holding vocabulary workshops, and launching a twice-weekly podcast when the pandemic forced us all to go more virtual.

By 2021, I was ready to slow down. My goals were more personal and family oriented — read more books, enjoy every second with my son before he starts pre-K in the fall, stuff like that.

I wouldn’t trade those snuggles for the world, but it definitely showed me how easy it is to let a year tick by without getting much done. It’s kind of frightening how quickly 2021 passed, for me at least.

2022 is going to be more about balance — though to be honest, I have a laundry list a mile long of things I’d like to do for Vocabbett.

I always like when people share their resolutions, so if you’d like to take a peek at mine (with the understanding that things sometimes change throughout the year…), here you go!

Resolution #1 (Family)

Continue to remain a present mama, loving every minute and snuggle, even as I start ratcheting the work back up on Vocabbett.

Resolution #2 (Business/Life Goals)

Secure a traditional publication deal or self-publish as-yet untitled spy novel by December 2022

  • Finish rough draft by March 1
  • 1st round of edits by mid-May
  • 2nd round of edits by late June
  • Query through October. If no one bites, publish under Vocabbett imprint. (For those who are curious, I never queried Ahead of Her Time. I was so burnt out by then – working full time, pregnant/baby, grad school at night – I just needed to be done, as much as I loved it. So this will be my first experience with a notoriously unpleasant process…wish me luck!)

Resolution #3 (Health)

Get in the best shape of my life (so far, at least) for Krav Maga camp in Israel in May (assuming these infernal lockdowns end and they let me in).

  • Also spend some serious time studying Hebrew before then

Resolution #4 (Learning To Be More Consistent)

  • Publish one post on Vocabbett per week. (This is going to be harder than it used to, since so much of my attention will be going toward the book this year, but I think people forget about you if you aren’t visible at least 1x/week.)
  • Also, write and submit one guest post once per week. (Apparently this is key to building your reputation and credibility, so why not?)
  • And finally, learn to stop hating social media. I’ve been working on this one for years…Unfortunately, it’s just such a necessary evil if you’re in a public-facing business.

That’s it for now!

So tell me, are you a New Year’s resolutions person? What are you most excited about for 2022? Let me know in the comments!