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"The limits of my language are the limits of my universe."
- goethe

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Moved to Viterbo, Italy to study the classics as a senior in high school. Lived with a host family. Most amazing year ever. 


Moved to Cairo, Egypt to study ancient history. Seeds for the book 'Ahead of Her Time' planed amid a brewing revolution. 


Moved to Tel Aviv, Israel after the Egyptian revolution. Studied Middle Eastern affairs while living on the most beautiful beach in the world. 


Moved to Cairo, Egypt to study ancient history. Seeds for the book 'Ahead of Her Time' planed amid a brewing revolution. 

Ahead of Her Time, which fictionalizes my time in Egypt, is published!


Vocabbett transforms into an all-purpose resource to help young women live their best lives. 


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Action, adventure, romance, ancient Egypt — what more could a person ask for?

How about 500+ vocabulary words to help painless prepare you for the SAT & ACT?

SAT Prep Redefined

About Ahead of Her Time

Noor Cunningham’s parents disappeared after discovering Cleopatra’s palace at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. When an overlooked clue indicates they might still be alive, Noor travels to the edge of time to get them back. 

On the journey, she’s thrown in Cleopatra’s dungeons, wooed by a handsome Roman soldier, and forced to use every ounce of her (not inconsiderable) wits to survive. 

With more than 500 high-frequency SAT vocabulary words sneakily woven into the text, you probably won’t even realize how much you’re learning!

They might seem intimidating now, but after reading Ahead of Her Time, you'll have at least one more impression on the road to learning words like:

Assuage, belie, crepuscular, emulate, defenestrate, genuflect, hegemony, impecunious, mendicant, pilfer, plenipotentiary, redolent, supine, tacit, upbraid, verdant, verisimilitude...

500+ Vocabulary Words

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Ahead of Her Time: An SAT Vocabulary Novel


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