Did you know there are elite memory athletes — people who can look at a shuffled deck of cards and memorize it on sight? Almost universally, they say they do it by coming up with a story to correspond with the cards. Why? Because storytelling is a powerful, and research-backed, memorization tool —  one that I build upon with Vocabbett. 

Similar to Immersion When Learning a Foreign Language…

You know how immersion is the quickest way to learn a foreign language? That’s because it mimics the way your brain learned its native tongue — through repeated, contextual impressions, i.e. stories.

Repeated Impressions

The average person needs to encounter a word eight times in order to reliably recall it. How you get those impressions is up to you. However, my own experience indicates that traditional “brute force” memorization techniques are not only tedious, but less effective than they could be. 

Smarter Storytelling

You’ve learned thousands — if not tens of thousands — of words incidentally, through the stories of life. You could continue learning that way, painlessly and passively, if the vocabulary you encountered continued to grow with you. By weaving high-level vocabulary words into stories you’d want to enjoy anyway, Vocabbett does just that, engineering repeated impressions of high-level vocabulary words.

Meet Your Teacher: Erica Abbett

A dedicated travel fanatic, Erica studied abroad across Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East before settling down to spend several years teaching English and history. She founded Vocabbett in 2019, building upon her experience in teaching and linguistics.

Erica received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Liberal Studies degrees from Southern Methodist University, and Ahead of Her Time is her first novel.