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Thank you again for helping me spread the word about Vocabbett. Ultimately, we are helping each other with this program, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank you!

On this page, you’ll find helpful ideas and resources for how to get started. They’re ideas I created for you, so feel free to copy them word-for-word. However, since you know your friends and network best, I’d definitely encourage you to personalize what you can

Remember that if you post about Vocabbett on social media, you must include that you are a Vocabbett Ambassador and may receive a commission from sign-ups. 

I suggest something like: “As a Vocabbett Ambassador, I may receive a commission if you sign up for a Vocabbett membership at no additional cost to you. However, I would never recommend something I don’t 100% believe in.” You may also want to include the hashtag #ambassador. 

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions! I’ve also included the program overview from your welcome email below.  

Ambassador Overview


You know your friends best! I’m not here to put words in your mouth. 

However, if you’re not quite sure how to broach the discussion, here are some ways other people talk about Vocabbett. Feel free to use any or all of the bullets below as a jumping-off point! 

  • Vocabbett is easier and more intuitive than tutors, courses, and study guides. 
  • Vocabbett is research-backed and boosts your vocabulary the way you learned your native tongue — through stories. 
  • Vocabbett was founded by a former teacher, so she knows how students learn.  
  • Vocabbett is less expensive than most SAT prep courses and tutors.
  • Students actually like it. Vocabbett is fun, painless, and (mostly) passive!


If you’re looking for how to share Vocabbett with a group, like on social media or a blog post, you can use the ideas above. I’ve also crafted a few sample headlines/angles (that you are welcome to use) below! 

  • Introducing: My Secret SAT Prep Weapon 
  • How I Sneak in SAT Prep While Brushing My Teeth (or whatever — can talk about the Vocabbett podcast, etc.) 
  • The SAT Prep Resource I Wish I Had 
  • The SAT Prep Resource I Wish My Kids Had 
  • How I Trick My Kids Into Studying for the SAT 


One important note: be careful with your wording when making claims about Vocabbett (or anything else!)

Notice how I said “here are some of the ways other people talk about Vocabbett” before all the “person-to-person” bullet points?

I did that because it’s not a fact that Vocabbett is easier and more intuitive than other methods. Everyone learns differently, so while I personally believe Vocabbett is easier and more intuitive for just about everyone, I can’t write that as a blanket fact without some kind of qualifier. 

If you want to make a point that isn’t an undeniable fact, you have to think like a journalist. Ever notice how often reporters use phrases like, “Sources say” or “According to so-and-so”? It’s for this exact reason. They’re trying to make a point, but that point is usually an opinion or a still-unproven fact. 

So if YOU want to talk about how easy and intuitive Vocabbett is, you’d have to phrase it like, “Vocabbett has been so much easier FOR ME than every other SAT prep method I’ve tried,” or “I find Vocabbett so much more intuitive than a study guide,” or “My friends and I think…” 

Do you see the difference? When you tweak the phrasing, you’re being open that this is your opinion, so it’s totally OK to put it in writing! Just be careful about phrasing opinions as facts.

If you want me to review your post before you publish it, feel free to send it to!


If your friends aren’t yet familiar with Vocabbett, they (understandably!) might want to check out some free resources before committing to a membership.

The best place to point them, in my opinion?

The Vocabbett podcast. 

The podcast has a wealth of free vocabulary-boosting stories, and it provides a great introduction to how the Vocabbett method works.

The only thing I ask from you? Remind them to start at episode 01 — not the most recent episode! 

I include this note on the show page, but since most people listen on Apple podcasts, they might not get the memo without you! 


If you have a suggestion for your fellow Vocabbett Ambassadors that you’d like to see on this page, simply email me at!