The Vocabbett Ambassador Program

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The Vocabbett

Help Your Friends.
earn Money While Doing it.

Love Vocabbett’s painless, intuitive approach to learning? Talk to your parents about whether becoming a Vocabbett ambassador is right for you!

A great resume-booster, in addition to being a great way to earn extra money, Vocabbett ambassadors join the ranks of highly-motivated students spreading the word about Vocabbett. 

In a nutshell? For each person you refer, you earn up to $40! 


The Specifics

If accepted, you will receive a unique sign-up link that tracks your referrals. Share it with friends, on social media, wherever you like! It will track any sign-ups you generate, and you will automatically be compensated for them. 

There are no minimum or maximum referrals. If you refer ten friends, that could be a cool $400 (you receive a flat $40 for annual sign-ups, while monthly sign-ups are pro-rated). 

Considering the power of social media, there’s no reason you couldn’t earn 10x that!

The time commitment is entirely up to you. The Vocabbett Ambassador program could be a great side hustle in addition to your existing plans, or it can be the sole line item on your resume for the summer. Both are great options!

Can Parents Join?

Absolutely! If you want to spread the word about Vocabbett, there are MANY other parents also doing so! You receive the same favorable rates, and are welcome to spread the word individually or on your blog/website/social media. Thank you for your support!