‘Brave New World’ TV Series Review

Lately, I’ve been bombarded with ads for shows on NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock TV.

Top among their new shows, it seems, is Brave New World, a fresh take on the classic dystopian novel.

I hate to ever leave a bad review about anything, but I suspect students might stumble upon it after being assigned the book, so let me just say…

This show is shockingly inappropriate for something kids might accidentally tune into.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen cleaner episodes of Game of Thrones.

Let me just repeat: THIS IS NOT A SHOW FOR KIDS.

It’s a shame because the premise is actually rather interesting. The actors did a great job. But could I ever, ever recommend it to a student?

AB-SO-FREAKING-LUTELY NOT. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it to an adult.

If you’re looking for a good new show on Peacock TV, I did like The Capture. It has nothing to do with building your vocabulary, but I found it interesting.

Brave New World, though? Not as interesting, and insanely inappropriate.

Consider yourself warned. Caveat emptor! (Buyer beware!)

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Featured Image Credit: Art Vechnaya/Modified from Etsy – thank you!