In a nutshell: the story is everything

Vocabbett helps students improve their high-level vocabulary using a research-backed, story-based method that makes learning as easy as possible (or, at least easier than the techniques most of us have become accustomed to!).

In scientific jargon, I build on existing neural pathways to capture your brain’s natural ability to learn language.

In layman’s terms, think of it like this: you probably weren’t flipping flashcards in the crib…and yet you likely knew thousands of words before you could even clutch a pencil. In fact, you probably never studied the majority of the words you know. You simply absorbed them through the stories of life.

You could continue learning this way, painlessly and without almost any conscious effort, if the vocabulary in the stories of your life continued to grow. Unfortunately for most of us, the vocabulary in our day-to-day lives tends to plateau, so we transition to conventional memorization techniques like flashcards or study guides sometime around 5th grade.

No more! With Vocabbett, I keep that original cycle of learning going, giving you stories you’d want to read and hear anyway. They just also happen to be packed with high-level vocabulary words.


Erica Abbett

The story is everything. Here are some free ones.

Another wonderful free resource! Listen on any major player.