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With my research-backed, story-based method, you’ll be boosting your vocabulary in no time. My method works by building on existing neural pathways to make the process as easy as possible

Think about it like this: you probably weren’t flipping flashcards in the crib…and yet you probably knew thousands of words before you could clutch a pencil. In fact, you probably didn’t actually study the majority of the words you know. You simply absorbed them through the stories of life.

You could continue learning this way, painlessly and without almost any conscious effort, if the vocabulary in the stories of your life continued to grow. Unfortunately for most of us, the vocabulary in our day-to-day lives tends to plateau, so we transition to conventional memorization techniques like flashcards or study guides. 

No more! With Vocabbett, I keep that original cycle of learning going, giving you stories you’d want to read and hear anyway…that just happen to be packed full of SAT words! Enjoy the freebies below, and take your learning to the next level with Vocabbett membership

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-Erica Abbett

The Story is at the heart of my method

Here Are a Few Free Ones!

Hera and the Headmaster

The Greek goddess Hera in modern times, taking revenge on a school principal?

Buckle up, folks.

Karen and the Weed

What happens when Karen's neighbor lets her lawn run rampant with weeds?

Hilarity, of course.

Trapped in a Pyramid

Though (regrettably) not a true story, I did write this while in Cairo.

Let the adventure begin!

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"Manly" Words &
Double Meanings

The funny backstory behind some of our "good person" words.

Linguistic Roots You
Wouldn't Believe

Money, geese, and warnings? Yep, they're all connected, linguistically speaking!

Mispronouncing This SAT
Word Could Get You Killed

Well, maybe it wouldn't get you killed TODAY, but at one point it could!

The Reviews Are In.

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Learn more about Vocabbett!

Yes! Though there haven’t been studies on my exact method, Vocabbett is grounded both in peer-reviewed research and my own personal experience as a teacher and student. 

What you get out depends on what you put in! Studies show that most people need to encounter a new word approximately eight times in order to learn it. You’d be surprised how quickly you can get those impressions, but you do have to show up for it to work!

I often suggest some time between 7th-9th grade. Because my method is story-based, it’s not designed for binging. Rather, it’s best if you start early and make Vocabbett a part of your life, listening to the podcast twice a week and reading new stories as they come out. That way, when the SAT rolls around, you’ll be in great shape to tackle a huge percentage of the test!

I’m SOOOO glad you asked! Aside from the extraordinary benefits to your SAT scores, having a strong vocabulary gives you an incredible advantage in college (believe me, you’ll be happy you know the words in the hundreds of pages you’re constantly assigned!). And once you enter the “real world,” a strong vocabulary can give you a leg up in business. Want to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, financier…? Yeah, there are a lot of “big words” involved in those jobs! A strong vocabulary can even make it easier to learn a foreign language, and so much more!

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