Short Stories to Boost Your Vocabulary – In Time for the Holidays!

If you (like me) are a chronic procrastinator, leaving everything (including holiday shopping) until the last minute, I’ve got you covered.

I recently compiled all the vocabulary-boosting short stories from season 1 of the Vocabbett podcast, and the result is a gorgeous little book that would be a perfect gift for the young adult in your life.

Because these stories were originally shared on the podcast, I wanted to make sure there was extra value-added. 

In addition to having them all in one place, I also created a landing page with the audio of each story, stripping intro/outro/everything from the podcast that wasn’t the actual story. 

It’s like getting a free audiobook, too!

Happy holidays wherever you are!

Order “Short Stories to Boost Your Vocabulary: An SAT Prep Compendium” on Amazon!