Sale for Smarties

Well, hello there!

Thank heavens summer is finally (basically) here. Long days of sun and rest are always welcome, but particularly so after the last year (or two…).

For me, summer is always a time to recharge and reorient myself. Lately, I’ve been recharging with Rosetta Stone (not sponsored, by the way) and absolutely loving it.

Rosetta Stone

You might be like, “Wait, Rosetta Stone? I remember that being a big deal in shopping malls like, ten years ago…is that still a thing?”

And the answer is: yes, it’s definitely still a thing. And I’ve been extremely impressed.

I found a Memorial Day sale for unlimited languages for life for $179, and mamma mia, it’s too good not to share. I don’t know how much it used to be, but I heard from some older folks that it used to be around $250 a language.

Images via Rosetta Stone/Facebook

I’d imagine the pandemic hasn’t been kind to them, so perhaps that’s behind the excellent deal. However, like the airlines, they’ll probably raise their prices again once travel starts back up. If you think you might want to learn a foreign language, I’d get this!