Endlessly Exiled…But She Still Didn’t Quit

When most of us think of suffragettes (a.k.a. women who fought for the right to vote), we think of Susan B. Anthony or Emmeline Pankhurst.

We should, however, also be thinking about the extraordinary Nazek al-Abid!

In the latest installment of our “forgotten women” mini-series, we explore the story of this remarkable woman. Exiled countless times for voicing (and acting upon) her beliefs, she never stopped fighting.

Get the whole story in episode 73 of the Vocabbett podcast. You can listen on your favorite player, or tune in below (with the added benefit of a video accompaniment!)

(By the way, because Nazek’s name is transliterated from Arabic, it’s sometimes spelled “Naziq” or “Nazik.” None are incorrect; I just went with what was on the Syrian stamp!)

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