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Help your kids improve their vocabulary — painlessly and (almost!) effortlessly.

question for you...

Are You Overwhelmed by the Coming Year?

It seems like there’s a new “plan” every week! Are students going back to school? Will it be virtual? Hybrid? Will it change again in two weeks? And what about homeschooling or these new micro pods?…

What’s a parent to do?

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • You want your child to have a rich, well-developed vocabulary.
  • You want your child to ENJOY the learning process!
  • You want access to a wealth of educational resources that your child complete independently, with a learning pod, or in a homeschool environment. 
  • You want your child to have high SAT scores and excellent chances of getting into the college of their choice.

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You're Sick of the Same Old Options

You’re sick of feeling out of control.

You’re sick of worrying that your kids will fall behind.

You’re sick of your current options!

Problem solved

Vocabbett utilizes unique, research-backed strategies

Vocabbett utilizes unique, research-backed strategies to help students in grades 7-12 improve their vocabulary. Mimicking how the brain learned its native tongue, I specialize in creating vocabulary-rich content where students encounter new words in context. I believe we instinctively fight traditional learning methods – like flashcards and study guides – because they’re not how our brain has been trained to learn language. Similar to how immersion is the best way to learn a new language, I believe contextual, story-based learning is the best way to improve your English vocabulary, too. 


Imagine how it would feel to...

…rest easy knowing that, no matter what your school decides, you have access to a wealth of educational resources.

…know that your child ISN’T falling behind, and their brain is continuing to remain engaged and challenged during this crucial phase of their development.

…save a fortune (in both money and time!) on expensive tutors, courses, and other supplementary learning resources.


Your kids deserve to enjoy their education. I'm going to help them get there.


The Vocabbett Membership

A uniquely engaging program where students improve their vocabulary  and enjoy the process!


The results speak for themselves...

Membership breakdown

Here's what you'll get...

As a Vocabbett VIP, you receive access to the entire vault of Vocabbett's digital resources, including etymology videos, mindset tricks, vocabulary-boosting short stories, a digital copy of "Ahead of Her Time", the backlist of podcast accompaniments, and more!
Twice a week, you'll receive exclusive access to the Vocabbett podcast! With bite-sized vocabulary lessons and short stories, they're the ideal way to keep your brain engaged and your learning going.
I've created done-for-you activities, worksheets, assignments, and games to make your homeschooling journey a piece of cake. These resources are also perfect for "pandemic pods" or anyone looking to supplement their traditional schoolwork!
To help keep your kids engaged, I've created a fun "scholar dollar" system within Vocabbett. Students can earn points for completing various tasks, which they can redeem for fun prizes!


Let's Dig Into the Details...


The Vault

  • With more than 15 videos on everything from etymology to mastering your mindset, The Vault contains a wealth of vocabulary-boosting resources.
  • It is also home base for finding your other offerings, like short stories, digital downloads, and more!
  • You’ll also find done-for-you activities, assignments, and games for homeschoolers, learning pods, and more! 

Weekly content

The Podcast

  • Students LOVE the Vocabbett podcast! With quick and easy lessons, the podcast is an amazing way to keep your learning going.
  • The content varies each week, but it’s always story-based. Sometimes I’ll write a story, weaving in vocabulary words to help you painlessly boost your impressions. Other times we’ll dive into etymology, letting the words tell their own stories. 
  • Listen to a few sample episodes below! 


Homeschool/Pod Resources

  • Whether you’re homeschooling, participating in a learning pod, or are simply looking for supplementary educational resources during this unique time, I’ve got you covered!
  • As a former teacher, I know exactly how to create done-for-you activities, assignments, lesson plans, games, and more! 
  • Get the curricular companion to Ahead of Her Time, vocabulary-boosting games, and countless other activities at your fingertips. 

Bonus content

The Freebies

  • As a Vocabbett member, you’ll receive a free copy of every vocabulary boosting story, novelette, and book I’ve ever written!
  • This includes a free digital copy of Ahead of Her Time, my vocabulary-boosting novel. This alone is a $9.99 value! 
  • You’ll also get a free digital copy of my vocabulary-boosting novelette, Death at the Villa Tarconti (a $4.99 value), and much more!

Quality educational resources. No matter what.

Want a Sneak Peak?

Check Out a Sample Video From
the Vault

Curious about the podcast?

Some of My Favorite Episodes

"Manly" Words &
Double Meanings

The funny backstory behind some of our "good person" words.

Linguistic Roots You
Wouldn't Believe

Money, geese, and warnings? Yep, they're all connected, linguistically speaking!

Mispronouncing This SAT
Word Could Get You Killed

Well, maybe it wouldn't get you killed TODAY, but at one point it could!

And Don't forget the stories! Check Out a few here.

Stories Galore

Hera and the Headmaster

The Greek goddess Hera in modern times, taking revenge on a school principal?

Buckle up, folks.

Karen and the Weed

What happens when Karen's neighbor lets her lawn run rampant with weeds?

Hilarity, of course.

Trapped in a Pyramid

Though (regrettably) not a true story, I did write this while in Cairo.

Let the adventure begin!

Yes, this is exactly what I need!

let's wrap it all up

Here's what you get when you join.

Vocabulary-boosting etymology videos

Access to the Vocabbett podcast (new episodes twice a week!)

A wealth of vocabulary-boosting short stories

A free digital copy of my vocabulary-boosting novel, Ahead of Her Time

Curricular resources for homeschooling, learning pods, and supplementing virtual options.

…with new content being added each week!

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  • Access to the Vault, with vocabulary-boosting videos, stories, and more!
  • The Vocabbett podcast (new episodes 2x/week!)
  • Homeschool/learning pod resources (with even more to come!)
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  • Access to the Vault, with vocabulary-boosting videos, stories, and more!
  • The Vocabbett podcast (new episodes 2x/week!)
  • Homeschool/learning pod resources (with even more to come!)
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Hey there, I'm Erica Abbett.

A former English and history teacher, I founded Vocabbett to help students improve their vocabulary…and actually enjoy the process! 

With a background in traveling and languages — I spent years studying abroad across Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East throughout high school and college — I am well-acquainted with what works and what doesn’t when it comes to language acquisition. 

The way I see it, improving your English vocabulary is little different than learning a new language. The quickest way to accomplish it is through immersion, which is why my method utilizes a storytelling-based, “immersion” method — replacing foreign words with “big” English ones! 

have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Vocabbett is ideal for high school students, but there are many high-achieving 7th and 8th graders in the audience, too! 

No. Think of Vocabbett as the Khan Academy of vocabulary. It’s best used to supplement your existing resources, but it’s an incredibly powerful tool!

No worries! Simply cancel within 30 days and let me know what wasn’t working for you. 

No more questions. Let's get started!


You are so ready for this journey.

Learning doesn’t have to be hard, painful, or boring. It can be a weekly part of your life that you look forward to! It can be a podcast at breakfast or a conversation over dinner. 

Your kids deserve to enjoy their education, and I’m here to help make that happen. 

Let's get started!

Choose your experience...

$ 9
  • Access to the Vault, with vocabulary-boosting videos, stories, and more!
  • The Vocabbett podcast (new episodes 2x/week!)
  • Homeschool/learning pod resources (with even more to come!)
$ 99
  • Access to the Vault, with vocabulary-boosting videos, stories, and more!
  • The Vocabbett podcast (new episodes 2x/week!)
  • Homeschool/learning pod resources (with even more to come!)
  • Two months free