Status Report on the Sequel to ‘Ahead of Her Time’ (With Details!)

*SPOILERS AHEAD* – If you haven’t yet read Ahead of Her Time , start there and come back!

Fans of Noor & co, rejoice! I am starting to make real headway on the sequel to Ahead of Her Time.

In episode 50 of the Vocabbett podcast, I share where I am in the idea-formulating process, revealing some (non-spoilery) details about the plot. I also share some difficulties I’m facing, and how I’ve tentatively resolved them.

Specifically, I grappled with the knowledge that “Cleopatra in the present day” is a pretty interesting hook…but then, is it still Noor’s story?

When I utilized the questions secret, asking my brain and the muse point-blank what the most interesting way to capture the story would be, the response was quite interesting!

Into my brain dropped a rough outline for the first seven chapters of the book, and it’s dually-narrated by Noor and Cleopatra!

There are still a lot of questions that remain, even within those chapters. For instance, what exactly is Cleopatra’s job going to be? I lean towards something in fashion, but not sure…

The other big one to figure out? THE LOVE STORY. Who ends up with whom? I wish I knew.

Get all this and more in episode 50 of the podcast, below! ????