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My Favorite Episodes

"Manly" Words &
Double Meanings

The funny backstory behind some of our "good person" words.

Linguistic Roots You
Wouldn't Believe

Money, geese, and warnings? Yep, they're all connected, linguistically speaking!

Mispronouncing This SAT
Word Could Get You Killed

Well, maybe it wouldn't get you killed TODAY, but at one point it could!


"As a learning specialist, I come across countless educational tools for students. Never before have I seen a method that targets vocabulary instruction in such a clever, vibrant, and engaging way while being research-based. It's so easy to get lost in the stories or listening to the podcast that you're almost that you're almost tricked into learning! Vocabbett is like nothing else out there. Highly recommend!"
-Nelly Kaakaty, PhD
Learning Specialist

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