Brilliant Insults…Literally

Episode 12 of the Vocabbett podcast shares brilliant insults from across television and literature

And when I say “brilliant,” I mean that in both the British sense (“that’s brilliant, darling!”) and the literal sense, as in, they’re full of SAT words!

Let me be clear: just because I’m sharing these insults does NOT mean I think you should use them. 

Be kind at all times!

With that said, let’s dive in!

Insult: “You dimwitted dilettante!”

Translation: “You stupid poser!”

Source: Alias

Besides containing a clever vocabulary word, this insult has the added advantage of alliteration, where both words start with the same letter.

As a result, it’s more pleasing to the ear!

Insult: “I don’t believe in naming animals. Anthropomorphism is for halfwits.”

Translation: “I don’t believe in naming animals. Giving human traits to non-humans is for morons.”

Source: The Durrells in Corfu

Not quite as funny when you break it down, but the delivery of this line was spot on. Trust me.

The older brother, Larry, has the best one liners in this show!

Insult: “Everyone knows busses are just bovine asylums!”

Translation: “Everyone knows busses are just mental institutions for cows!”

Source: The Green Wing

As I mentioned in the podcast, this is the only show of the four that I wouldn’t personally recommend. I just found it a little strange.

However, I did find this line amusing enough to write it down, so there’s that!

Insult: “Confounded coprolite”

Translation: “Stupid piece of old poop”

Source: Deeds of the Disturber by Elizabeth Peters

As far as I’m concerned, Elizabeth Peters was the greatest author who ever lived.

When Ramses, as a child, called his odious cousin a “confounded coprolite,” it merely solidified my love of her books (and her characters!).

Like insult number one, you will notice this one also has the nice bit of alliteration!

Featured Image Credit: CathysArtWorld/Modified from Etsy