The Big Mistake Most Courses Make…And How to (Potentially!) Fix It

What is the BIG mistake most courses make?

I know, it’s a rather loaded question. However, considering courses are the foundation of our education system, it’s certainly something worth exploring!

But, never fear. If I present you with a problem, rest assured that I’ll present you with a solution (or the best one I can think of, at any rate!).

As far as I can tell, the problem with most courses is that — because of their fixed start and end dates — they encourage us to only store information in our short term memory.

How many of us have learned something for a test, only to immediately forget it afterwards?

That’s why I’m making a big change at the very foundation of Vocabbett.

I’m abandoning The Masterclass and transitioning Vocabbett to a membership model.

Quite frankly, if I’m going to make a significant impact on your vocabulary and education, I need to be part of your life for longer than the length of an online course!

That’s why I’m SO excited about the Vocabbett membership. With a low price (that you can lock in with the Founding Members’ Bonus through May 1, 2020), you can make Vocabbett part of your life for years, continuing to improve your vocabulary painlessly and (almost!) passively.

Learn all about it here.

See you there!