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Helping Students In Grades 7-12 painlessly boost their vocabulary

Welcome to Vocabbett! With my research-backed, story-based method, we’ll have you painlessly boosting your vocabulary in no time! In a nutshell, my method works with your brain by mimicking the way you learned your native tongue.

Think about it like this: you probably weren’t flipping flashcards in the crib. It’s not how your brain has been trained to learn language. What were you doing? Listening to stories! It’s why immersion is the most effective way to learn a new language. Your brain loves a story! 

I’ve included a few free stories below to show you what I mean. Studies show most people need to encounter a new word eight times to learn it, so consider this a head start! 

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-Erica Abbett

The Story is at the heart of my method

Here Are a Few Free Ones!

Hera and the Headmaster

The Greek goddess Hera in modern times, taking revenge on a school principal?

Buckle up, folks.

Karen and the Weed

What happens when Karen’s neighbor lets her lawn run rampant with weeds?

Hilarity, of course.

Trapped in a Pyramid

Though (regrettably) not a true story, I did write this while in Cairo.

Let the adventure begin!

Are You an Auditory Learner?

Listen Up!

“Manly” Words &
Double Meanings

The funny backstory behind some of our “good person” words.

Linguistic Roots You
Wouldn’t Believe

Money, geese, and warnings? Yep, they’re all connected, linguistically speaking!

Mispronouncing This SAT
Word Could Get You Killed

Well, maybe it wouldn’t get you killed TODAY, but at one point it could!

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The Reviews Are In.

You’ll Love It, Too.

“Never before have I seen a method that targets vocabulary instruction in such a clever, vibrant, and engaging way while being research-based. It’s so easy to get lost in the stories or listening to the podcast that you’re almost tricked into learning! Vocabbett is like nothing else out there. Highly recommend!”
Nelly KaakatyPhD, Learning Specialist

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