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helping students in grades 9-12 improve their vocabulary for the sat, act, and life itself.

Amid the current wave of school closures as a result of COVID-19, I’m working overtime to ramp up educational resources to ease the strain. 

As a former teacher and tutor, I’m uniquely equipped to help you navigate the complexities of this difficult time. I specialize in unconventional, and research-backed learning methods, and there’s nothing I love more than a good challenge!

Below, you can find some of my best resources for this unusual time. 

The Vocabbett Podcast

The Vocabbett podcast is an ideal, stress-free way to help your students improve their vocabulary. 

On it, I share tips, tricks, and vocabulary-boosting stories, all of which you can conveniently listen to on-the-go! 


Vocabulary-Boosting Stories

Uniquely entertaining and filled with SAT words, these stories might make students forget they’re studying! I’ve included a printable version in each one (which also has definitions at the bottom of the page). Feel free to print out and use at home or in the classroom!

If you want to hear them read aloud, they are also available on the Vocabbett podcast!

Secrets From the Perfect-Scorers

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