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The Predicament

Are you a “no pain, no gain” type of person? When it comes to improving your vocabulary, most people take this approach…but it can be so much easier!

I have an alternative for you.

We all know why “SAT words” have a negative reputation. 

It’s because they’re notoriously boring to memorize!

Traditional learning techniques focus on brute force memorization techniques like flashcards and study guides. 

The problem is, this isn’t how your brain has been trained to learn language. 

For most of us, that means our subconscious is going to reject it, labeling it dull or boring.


Vocabbett is easy.

You spent the most formative years of your life learning thousands (if not tens of thousands) of vocabulary words. 

And my guess is, you did all of this without much conscious effort. Most of us didn’t have flashcards in our crib, after all!

And here’s the deal: you could continue painlessly boosting your vocabulary – largely passively, in the background – if you continued to be exposed to new vocabulary words. 

That’s where Vocabbett comes in. Rather than boost your high-level vocabulary with traditional memorization techniques, I flood you with fun, vocabulary-rich stories. 

Enjoy the stories. Your brain will do the rest!

Imagine improving your SAT score...
without flashcards, study guides, or headaches

The Vocabbett Membership

In a nutshell

The Story Is Everything

Stories are how you learned as a child, and they’re how your brain has been trained to acquire language. 


Greek & Latin Roots

You’ll find Greek and Latin roots in more than 60% of polysyllabic English words. That’s a huge component of the English language!

We unlock these words by mastering the most common Greek and Latin roots in a quick video series.


Recurring content

The Vocabbett podcast is free, but members can deepen their learning with podcast accompaniments. Countless studies show that the more senses you engage, the easier it is to learn something, so the accompaniments are an invaluable addition.

Pays for itself

Free E-Books

You’ll also get free digital copies of ALL my vocabulary-boosting books, novelettes, and short stories. 

This includes Ahead of Her Time, Death at the Villa Tarconti, and Short Stories to Boost Your Vocabulary!

Special Bonuses for Annual Members

Let's Check them out


Vocab-It Card Game*

I created this game specifically to complement your learning. It combines the words you’ve been introduced to in Vocabbett resources with fun, research-backed gamification.

*Free shipping in u.s.

A Direct Line to Me

Have an idea for the Vocabbett podcast? Have a question about a particular word? I’m all ears!



2 Months Free + Locked-In Rate

Perfect for families with multiple children, the annual membership comes with a locked-in rate for the life of the program. (The price goes up 1-2 times a year, but you’ll be immune to price increases!)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cancel anytime in the first week for a full refund.

The Reviews Are In

Take it from them

"Highly Recommend!"

“Never before have I seen a method that targets vocabulary instruction in such a clever, vibrant, and engaging way while being research-based…Vocabbett is like nothing else out there. Highly recommend!”

Nelly Kaakaty, phd

"The benefits will last a lifetime"

“Vocabbett is such a departure from the drudgery of traditional preparatory programs. It’s short and focused, but the benefits will last a lifetime, well beyond the SAT.”

Owner of nationally-recognized learning center

"I'm hooked!"

I recently signed up for your vocabulary program and I’m hooked! I listen to the short stories on the podcast while walking and then learn a bit of Latin at night. I love how you tell the history of the root words. I haven’t tried the game yet but will soon. I feel smarter already! Thank you!

Lifelong learner

"I spent ALL night reading"

“I apologize for emailing you so late, but I spent ALL night reading your book from cover to cover! Not only did it help me study for my upcoming online SATs, but the storyline was fantastic! Ahead of Her Time sparked a love for reading that I’d lost. I’m an aspiring author myself and have been scared to attempt at publishing one of my books, but you’ve inspired me. Again, I apologize for emailing you so late; I presume you’re very busy. I just wanted to let you know I loved your book so much and it helped my studies immensely!”

Nyla Ward, student

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cancel anytime in the first week for a full refund.

There's never been a better time to invest in yourself.


Vocabbett is ideal for anyone over the age of 13. We’re working on improving your high-level vocabulary here, so there are many who are preparing for the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or GRE. However, there are also plenty of people who are just lifelong learners! 

That depends on where you’re starting! However, I currently have all the resources available for you to master 500+ high-level English vocabulary words, and I’m continuously adding more.

No. I know some companies do this, but I’m far too risk averse. However, I can say on a personal (non-legal) level that if you make use of the resources in the membership, there’s a great chance you’ll improve your vocabulary, critical reading, and writing skills…and that’s very likely to improve your score!

Where should I start? My interest in languages began when I was studying abroad in Italy through School Year Abroad. I’d taken Spanish throughout middle and upper school, but in Italy, I started studying Italian and Latin. Seeing the route various words had taken absolutely fascinated me. 

This interest deepened during the year I spent in the Middle East in college. After a fall in Egypt and a spring in Israel, I’d experienced just about every method of vocabulary instruction out there, and I’d developed strong feelings about what works!

After college I began writing and teaching. I taught middle school English and history in Dallas (and loved every minute of it), but when my son was born, I settled into writing.

My time in Egypt eventually turned into the book Ahead of Her Time.

The idea of a vocabulary-boosting novel was so popular, it gave birth to Vocabbett!

I received my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Liberal Arts degrees from Southern Methodist University. 

Prior to that, I attended Breck School and School Year Abroad (Italy). In college, I studied abroad at The American University in Cairo and Tel Aviv University.

I scored in the 94th percentile on the verbal reasoning component of the GRE. My math scores were far less pretty.

(If you’re not familiar, the GRE is like the next-level SAT. It’s the standardized test required for many graduate programs.)

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."

-Ludwig Wittgenstein

Meet Mrs. Abbett

Your New Favorite Teacher

Nice to meet you!

It’s fair to say I’ve always been fascinated by languages and history. 

I spent my formative years studying abroad across Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East (see various pictures…)

In those years, I learned more than I ever thought possible about the English language. It sounds counterintuitive, but my appreciation deepened as I learned how the words evolved.

Tracing unexpected histories from Latin to their modern form entertained me endlessly! The history – the story – changes everything. 

If you’re looking for more formal credentials, I taught English and history in Dallas after I graduated (and loved every minute of it!). I received my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Liberal Studies degrees from Southern Methodist University.

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