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Hello, hello and welcome to Vocabbett!

If you’re tired of tedious vocabulary programs, this is the place for you. Using a pain-free and research-backed technique, I use stories to boost your high-level vocabulary. Think of it like immersion when learning a foreign language, or even the way you learned your native tongue.

Were you playing Membean or flipping flashcards as a wee babe? Probably not. With enough contextual expressions (and some clarifying explanations), research shows your brain will fill in the gaps. Language acquisition is a fundamental human desire — it’s a survival instinct like eating or sleeping. Honestly, your brain will do the work for you if you just put yourself in the right environment.

So, where to begin? Take your pick!

The Vocabbett Podcast

This is where I suggest starting. If you start back at episode 1, you’ll learn a little bit about the methodology before diving right in to quick and easy, vocabulary-boosting episodes.

You can find it on:

Feel free to search another player, if you don’t see your favorite listed above.

Podcast Accompaniments

Research (and my own experience as a student and teacher) shows that the more senses you involve, the easier it is to remember something. The podcast is a phenomenal resource, but feel free to take your learning to the next level by perusing the accompaniments. If, for instance, we go over a vocabulary-boosting short story in the podcast, this is where you’ll find the text.

Feel free to start with a few of my favorites:

Ahead of Her Time: An SAT Vocabulary Novel

Don’t be misled by the subtitle. This is not your average SAT prep book. I wrote it as a fun YA novel fictionalizing my time in Egypt, but when I was told it had “too many big words,” I simply rebranded it. Ahead of Her Time is a fun story that — if you like action, adventure, romance, and ancient Egypt — you’re sure to love.

Get your copy here.