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Maybe you're studying for the SAT/ACT/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/some other ridiculous acronym. Maybe you're a small business owner expanding her operations overseas. Maybe (like me) you're just interested in everything. No matter the case, I'm a firm believer that improving your vocabulary is one of the keys to improving life itself.


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Have you ever felt insecure about your test scores? About your writing? Maybe you've read an article and had the sneaking suspicion you weren't totally on top of it? Those days are over, my friend. Welcome to the club of high-achieving badasses. 

-The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation

A Person’s Vocabulary Level Is the Best Predictor of Occupational Success.

― Henry Hazlitt

'A Man With a Scant Vocabulary Will Almost Certainly Be a Weak Thinker.'


'The Limits of My Language Are the Limits of My Universe'

-Pearl Strachan Hurd

'Handle Them Carefully, for Words Have More Power Than Atom Bombs.'

-Trevor Noah, Born a Crime

'I Soon Learned That the Quickest Way to Bridge the Race Gap Was Through Language.'

'All I Know Is What I Have Words For.'

-J.K. Rowling

'Words Are, In My Not-So-Humble Opinion, Our Most Inexhaustible Source of Magic.'

-Evelyn Waugh

'One’s Vocabulary Needs Constant Fertilizing or it Will Die.'

-Robert Louis Stevenson

'Man Is a Creature Who Lives Not Upon Bread Alone, but Primarily by Catchwords.'

-Tony Robbins

'Simply by Changing your Habitual Vocabulary, You Can Instantaneously Change How You Think, How You Feel, and How You Live.' 

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