An SAT Prep Game Unlike Any Other

“The most pretentious game in the world for the smartest person in the room,” as my brother jokingly coined it, Vocab-It is the most fun you’ve ever had studying for the SAT.

In fact, it’s so fun, I’m pretty sure you’d like it even if you weren’t studying for anything!

How to

In this wickedly clever card game, your job is to accumulate as many points as possible by making up ridiculous stories using the big words on the cards.

Each round, someone draws a card from three stacks: Subject, Focus, and Words. 

Let’s say the cards drawn are: 

Harry Potter



You might write something like, “After his latest plan to take over the world went awry, Lord Voldermort decided to abandon a life of crime and open an Etsy shop.”

Other Clever Examples

“Most people don’t know this, but Dorothy never reimbursed the Wicked Witch of the East for those ruby slippers.”

“One dubious article I read claimed the Revolutionary War ended in a pie-eating contest between George Washington and King George.”

“The night before she was due to be executed, Anne Boleyn hired a nimble assassin to incapacitate Henry VIII.”


“My 16-year-old daughter attended a Vocabbett workshop [where the Vocab-It game was played], and she absolutely loved it! The biggest surprise was that Vocabbett is such a departure from the drudgery of traditional preparatory programs. It’s short and focused, but the benefits will last a lifetime, well beyond the SAT.”

-Owner of nationally-recognized learning center

$ 25
  • 100+ high-frequency SAT words
  • Painless, story-based fun
  • Free shipping
$ 29
  • 100+ high-frequency SAT words
  • Painless, story-based fun
  • Free shipping

About Vocabbett

Erica Abbett, the founder of Vocabbett, spent years of her life studying abroad in places like Italy, Egypt, and Israel before settling down to teach middle school English and history. 

A lover of big words, she determined that it was time to reinvent how vocabulary acquisition was studied — and that in many ways, the way we study foreign languages should actually be the blueprint!

She founded Vocabbett in 2019 in an attempt to mitigate the tedium of SAT prep. 

With a membership site, a podcast, and now a game, she’s got you covered when it comes to painlessly improving your vocabulary!


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