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Rooting Out Injustice & Oppression

How do we prevent something like this from ever happening again?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself in the wake of George Floyd’s horrific death in Minnesota.

I don’t have all the answers, but here’s what I know:

  • Oppression, by definition, can only exist when there’s an imbalance of power.
  • Education is one of the best tools we have to level the playing field and correct those imbalances.

The more educated (and hard-working) you are, the better the job you will likely get (or create). The better the job, the higher the paycheck.

And ultimately, money wields more power than almost anything else in our society.

When certain groups don’t receive the same quality education, they’re disadvantaged from the first step, creating a chain reaction that enables oppression.

I didn’t just want to tweet about this and move on. I wanted to do something — ideally something preventative.

That’s why, for the entire month of June, I’m donating an annual Vocabbett membership for every annual membership sold.

I’d love your support in furthering access to fun, unique SAT prep resources for all students. You can get your membership, and provide one for someone else, here.


-Erica Abbett

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